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Listen 33 (that's Joel Guzman)

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PETER MULVEY   interview
• The Knuckleball Suite
1. Lila Blue
2. You And Me And The
          Ten Thousand Things
3. The Fix Is On
4. The Girl In The Hi-Tops
+ earlier P.M. clips here and here

• Milly's Cafe
1. Kansas
2. Milly's Cafe
3. The Rains
+ earlier F.E. clips here

LEE FELDMAN   review
• I've Forgotten Everything
1. Big Women On The Shelves
2. Of All The Things
3. Diagonal S's At The Motel 6

Move By Yourself    review
1. The Way It Is
2. Move By Yourself
3. By Your Side

GUSTER    review
• Ganging Up On The Sun
1. Lightning Rod
2. Satellite
3. Manifest Destiny

• Not Forgotten
1. Sparrows And Sparrows
2. Goin' Home
3. A Steady Heart
more M.H. clips here, here, & here

K.D. LANG    review
• Reintarnation
1. Pay Dirt
2. Don't Let The Stars Get
        In Your Eyes
3. Big Boned Gal

• Suitable Disguise
1. Can't You Hear The Whistle Blow
2. World Of Hurt
3. Born To Be Wild
+ earlier M.L. clips here

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ISSUE #66:

• Slide Show
1. Sliding Home
2. Something I Can't Do
3. Slide Show
4. Midnight In Amarillo

DAVID MEAD    interview
• Tangerine
1. Tangerine
2. Hard To Remember
3. The Trouble With Henry
4. Chatterbox
+ earlier D.M. clips here

T BONE BURNETT    review
• The True False Identity
1. Zombieland
2. Earlier Baghdad (The Bounce)
3. Shaken Rattled And Rolled

• Open Doors
1. Carpenter's Boat
2. Leaving Wins My Heart
3. Love Is A Whip

• Stay Close
1. Mean Streak
2. Later In Life Lift
3. Break The Empress Crown

• Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger
1. Red Neck, Blue Collar
2. Somewhere Down The Road
3. Hadacol Boogie

ELLERY   review
• Lying Awake
1. Anna
2. Be Like This
3. Song For Lovers

• Goodbye Guitar
1. Mojave High
2. Man About Town
3. Donut And A Dream
[see our video clips of TG here]

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designer note: We have a new Listen page every other issue, each with some form of illustration on top. But in 32 pages of audio clips, we've yet to include clips that relate directly to the picture on the page. When I first saw Ron Baker's photograph of Joel Guzman, I thought it'd look great on a Listen page. Soon I was getting introduced to Joel's music and wishing to share that pleasure with the Puremusic readers. So here are a few clips from the album Short Stories by Aztex, a band fronted by Joel Guzman and singer songwriter Sarah Fox (they're also husband & wife). Find out more at aztex.biz after digging these clips.
1. Amorique
2. Padre Prays For Rain
3. Pajarrillo Barranqueno
4. Suendo Del Rio

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ISSUE #67:

SARA HICKMAN     interview
• Motherlode
1. Mother's Little Helper
2. A Song Of You
3. Two Days Today
4. Learn You Like A Book
point of reference:
1. Too Sensitive For This World

GARRISON STARR     interview
• The Sound Of You & Me
1. Pendulum
2. Let Me In
3. Beautiful In Los Angeles
4. Pretending
• Songs From Take-off To Landing
1. Madness
2. Gardenia
3. Big Sky

• Follow Me Down
1. Blackbird
2. Babylon
3. Follow Me Down
+ more L.S. clips here and
the Sarah Hawker interview here

• Purple Room
1. Learn You Like A Book
2. Bobby Joe Plays Violin
3. What If I Was Serious

BO RAMSEY   review
• Stranger Blues
1. Crazy Mixed Up World
2. I Wanna Get Funky
3. Unseeing Eye
4. Where The Sun Never Goes Down
+ 4 other clips from this CD here
and the Bo Ramsey interview here
earlier B.R. clips here

• That Face!    
1. The People That You
           Never Get To Love
2. Walking Happy
3. What A Difference A Day Made

TRIO BEYOND    review
• Saudades
1. Seven Steps To Heaven
2. I Fall In Love Too Easily
3. Love In Blues

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ISSUE #66:

HOLLY WILLIAMS    interview
• The Ones We Never Knew
1. Sometimes
2. Everybody's Waiting For A Change
3. Would You Still Have Fallen
4. Take Me Down

TOM WILSON    interview
• Dog Years
1. I'm In Love With The System
2. Super Sun Natural
3. Keep On Grinning
4. Because Of You
+ earlier T.W. clips (w/ B&TRK) here

• Springtime Can Kill You
1. Crush In The Ghetto
2. Mehitabel's Blues
3. Springtime Can Kill You
+ earlier J.H. clips here and here

GRAM PARSONS    review
• Fallen Angel DVD
[no audio clips from the DVD, but
here's a taste of Gram's music]
1. Hickory Wind
    [with The Byrds]
2. Hot Burrito, No. 1
    [with The Flying Burrito Brothers]     
3. That's All It Took
    [duet with Emmylou]
4. In My Hour Of Darkness

MARKUS RILL   review
• The Price Of Sin
1. Singin' In The Cemetery
2. Broken Puppet
3. Me & Bonnie Parker

PAUL SIMON   review
1. Beautiful
2. How Can You Live In
        The Northeast?
3. Once Upon A Time There
         Was An Ocean

AMY SPEACE   review
• Songs For Bright Street
1. Step Out Of The Shade
2. Not The Heartless Kind
3. Make Me Lonely Again

WORLD PARTY    review
• Dumbing Up
1. What Does It Mean Now?
2. Here Comes The Future
3. You're A Hurricane, I'm A Caravan

•  Morning Boy
1. If Love Turns Its Back On You
2. Take It Back
3. Morning Boy
•  All The Way Down
1. That's The Thing About A Woman
2. All The Way Down

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