Puremusic interview with Sara Hickman

Although we've never done this before, if you'd like to set the stage and the mood for enjoying this interview, I suggest you begin by listening to a Sara Hickman audio clip, of "A Song Of You." [click here] I remember very well how, the first time I heard that voice, I gasped.

Interviews like this, connections that felt like this, that's what makes it magic for me. I deeply enjoy reveling in the mastery and expressiveness of great artists, but much more so on the occasions where who they seem to be is what's truly transcendental, inspiring, in turns humbling and empowering.

Motherlode is a brilliant celebration of womankind and motherhood, both its dark corners and sunlit pedestals. In fact, the darker songs are on disc one, and the more hopeful on disc two, but each contains many elements of the other. The artist's evolved approach to her art and to her life is always two-handed: sorrow, longing, and frustration in the one, and joy, contentment, and resolution in the other. It's sexy and spiritual in equal measure, and all the chakras get addressed.

Sara is one of the greatest female Texas music makers of her lifetime, and is revered in her home state and far beyond. After many records on every sized label, in the very early years of raising her children she turned quite naturally to the composing and making of children's music, both as a way to pull it all together, and as something to impart to her contemporaries and fellow parents: a body of music conceived for that specific purpose of parents sharing music with their kids.

And after five years of devoting herself to her kids' early years and to the awarded children's music she created, Hickman has done the most evolved and ambitious work of her long career to triumphantly reenter the world of adult music. Many of Austin's finest appear, including David Grissom and Mitch Watkins on guitars. The string group Tosca shines on a number of tracks, as does drummer Brad Evilsizer. The artist's impeccable vocals are complemented by those of her mellifluous friends: among them are Gretchen Phillips, Jimmy LaFave, Kelly Willis, and Shawn Colvin.

With this artist, it's about much more than music. She is a fine painter. She is active in so many human and community causes and organizations that we encourage you to visit Sara's website for insight into this deep and multi-faceted diamond of a woman. Rarely in my life have I come across a heart so big and so open, and I look forward to the day when I can sit and have a live conversation with her. I was blown away by her, and think you might be, too.   

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