Welcome to Puremusic,

We are a webzine dedicated to bringing great music to an audience whose tastes and interests are not limited to what's being played on corporate radio and television. We write for the purpose of spreading the word about outstanding acts that might falter or disappear unless enough people hear about them, buy their CDs and see their shows, and tell their friends about them. We're all about singer songwriters and music for grownups from new folk to R&B, country to pop, spoken word to instrumental. We'll deal with major stars, acts with smaller, independent record deals, and artists who put out their own records. The do-it-yourself career of the indie artist is alive and well on the internet and on the road, and we want to be a part of that movement.

Maybe you're an act that belongs in our pages, or know one that is. Feel free to contact us by email. We'll be listening.

Yours in Music,
Frank Goodman, editor     
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