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Sometimes when I get bored and the deadline is still a ways off, I pause for a brief site-seeing excursion. Among the places I visited this month is a site for a bug museum in Honduras. "Imagine being surrounded by over 12,000 insects!" they say cheerfully. You can get a look at a lot of remarkable creatures at the site, and come back feeling like you've been away.

green green

If you think your job is at times monotonous, think of how it'd be to run a store where all you sell is ketchup...

only sells ketchup
It doesn't seem to be bothering her, though you wonder why not. Maybe just because the place looks so darn festive! Found this when searching for ketchup bottles to set behind Peter Cronin.

Peter Cronin
I was trying to use the picture from his CD cover but make it look like it wasn't the same shot (before his wife Karen came through with a picture of Peter playing for first graders at Eakin Elementary in Nashville).

For about 8 months, this picture has gone unused for the Listen page. Every other month I try it then put it aside.
guys from Tuva

I picked it up from a site about Tuva. (Aren't these guys great? Of course "Angular banjoes sound good to me" comes to mind.) But I keep resisting using it because all those leaves make the image very slow to load, about twice as slow as our Art Director likes them to be. So I thought I'd just stick it here and let that be the end of it. Also the end of this. • MG

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