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After Frank returned from this year's Folk Alliance Conference, he sent us several batches of possible pictures for illustrating his report. Along with the many images of musicians performing, there were quite a few snapshots of people not playing. Though we eventually chose to use only shots with an instrument in them, I grew fond of some of these faces looking directly into the camera, musicians between shows.

Karen Mal, Chuck Pyle, Rachel Bissex,Troy Campbell, Dan Pelletier, Jenny Yates, The Winstons, Laurie McClain, Dan Bern
They might've been old pals of his or people he'd only just met, you couldn't tell from their expressions.

Angie Heimann This woman really reminded me of people I used to know when I lived in California (though she hails from Ohio). Her name is Angie Heimann.

Neale Eckstein (man of many talents) generously sent us a disc of his Folk Alliance photos. This shot

Kathrin Shorrof Kathrin Shorr was going to be on top of page 8 of the F.A. piece, but then we only made seven.

Limeliters as VikingsI didn't find a good spot for this picture of the Limeliters, but I enjoyed the way they look like Vikings--like some kind of warriors of Folk, giving their battle cry as they charge in.

terri hendrix

Neale sent several of these nicely grainy black and whites. (And they are much grainier and more "out" atmospherically before they are reduced.)

dancing in Fox Run room
I asked him if they were shot with high-speed film rather than digital, but he explained that his digital has a night vision infrared filter. The pictures originally turn out sort of green, and then he pulls the saturation out of them and they wind up looking like this.      continue