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DAVID BALL   review
• Amigo
1. Riding with Private Malone
2. She Always Talked About Mexico

• Geeks
1. I Don't Care Where You Bury Me
2. That's Us

NEKO CASE   review
• Furnace Room Lullaby
1. Bought and Sold
2. We've Never Met

TONI CATLIN   review
• Heartache on the Run
1. Breakin' New Ground
2. Me and My Heartache on the Run

DANA COOPER   review
• Harry Truman Built a Road
1. You Will Be All Right
2. Bony Man

STEVE EARLE   interview
• Transcendental Blues
1. Over Yonder
2. Until the Day I Die

JAY FARRAR   review
• Sebastopol
1. Outside the Door
2. Make It Alright

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• Well of Mercy
1. No Memory
2. Valley Revisited

JIM LAUDERDALE   interview
• The Other Sessions
1. You'll Know When It's Right
2. What's On My Mind

• My Little Crime  
1. Houdini's Arms
2. Room 213

ANNE McCUE   review
• Amazing Ordinary Things
1. Arcane
2. Angel Inside

BENJAMIN SMOKE   film review
film by Jem Cohen and Peter Sillen
music by SMOKE
• Heaven on a Popsicle Stick
1. Curtains
2. Awake

• Carry Me Across the Mountain
1. Carry Me Across the Mountain
2. Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere

• Rocket House
1. To Joy
2. Serve You

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