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Anne McCue


This Sydney stunner is a comer. She's got the whole package.

Story goes she left home with her brother's $60 guitar to write a novel, after finishing a degree in film. When that felt isolated, she answered an ad that landed her in a band called Girl Monstar, whose record did well in indie world, and they opened for the likes of the Buzzcocks and the Divinyls. She spent a year in Vietnam honing her lead chops with a trio every night (wow) but studied jazz too, and developed her own writing style as she grew as a musician. A later band, Eden a.k.a., got on the Lilith Fair for two years, and did a record for Columbia. She left them last year to pursue a solo career.

I was out recently at Billy Block's Western Beat Roots Revival, a Tuesday night extravaganza here in Music City. (See the BB interview from our September issue in the archives.) Directly after a great Aussie guitarist we hope to review next month, Geoff Atchison, played a blistering set of blues rock, another Aussie took the stage with an acoustic guitar. "Uh-oh," I said to my friend. "I wouldn't want to follow that cat with an acoustic solo."

Very tall, very beautiful, and obviously undaunted. She held the crowd completely with a beautiful song that she played the hell out of. I caught up with her later, she was soft spoken, very kind. She wasn't in gig face, her eyes were working, and she was listening. She exhibited considerable grace, and poise. Those qualities stick out in a rock club.

I love the first single, "Arcane," and "Angel Inside," the latter produced by Larry Klein, bassist extraordinaire known for his work with Joni Mitchell and Shawn Colvin. Check out the artist's website, it's amazing. Three Quicktime movies, a flashcard, a lot of interesting text and links, and many fabulous photos. There are also better views of the fine paintings of Anne's sister Jules which adorn the CD jacket. A lovely experience all the way around. Check clips on our Listen page, and buy it here.  
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