PM interview with Petra Haden

A short while back, we interviewed a fascinating accordionist, music-oriented photographer, and image and scene maker in Portland named Alicia J. Rose, aka Miss Murgatroid. She'd taken very compelling photos of several bands we'd covered (Sophe Lux and Boy Eats Drum Machine come to mind), and then we stumbled on to her signature accordion work, which often involved multiple effects pedals.

     Petra with The Decemberists

Her best known CD was one she'd woven with her friend and musical partner Petra Haden. Although you might know Petra as a member of The Decemberists, or as one of Charlie Haden's daughters (the legendary jazz bassist), or the guest soloist in any of many bands (including the recent Foo Fighters tour), she is still and deservedly best known for her a capella version of the entire Sell Out record by The Who. (She later cut a record with Bill Frisell that happens to be rather divine, called simply Petra Haden and Bill Frisell.)

Petra Haden & Alicia J. Rose (Miss Murgatroid)

But the Petra project that ignited our conversation was Hearts and Daggers, the long awaited and satisfying reunion with Miss Murgatroid. Some sounds are best heard before described, and you'll find the customary links to those audio clips along the way. We're sure you'll find Petra's words interesting, as we certainly did. And thanks to Miss Murgatroid, aka Alicia J. Rose, who led us here.

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