Puremusic interview with Gwynneth Haynes (Sophe Lux)

It all started on myspace. You see her on somebody's site, you think, wow, she's interesting, and you go to her site. You see the pop surrealist album cover--it's great, but you've seen it before...oh, I think it came in the mail and fell thru the huge cracks where a lot of my life could have occurred. You don't mention that last bit, but you send her a letter (a comment, they call it in myspace, a message that posts publicly on their page) and ask her to send you some music, which she does, but it also ignites a small volley of notes (a message they call it on myspace--these are privately exchanged) that immediately have the unmistakable air of pan-global enlightenment and magnanimity that is near impossible to fake, even if one attempted, something to which the unenlightened would scarcely aspire.

And so you become friends as they call it on myspace, and then Friends, with a capital F, because nobody in your whole life is talking to you as nicely and as upliftingly as this radiant creature is, so why wouldn't you make someone like that your friend.

And then the CD arrives where you're hanging out in South Beach, and it's so amazing, wow...dramatic rock, little on the glam side, two things I don't much listen to normally, but am now enjoying greatly. The lyrics are very smart, the tracks very musical, and it's all very Portland, which suits me no little bit.

So, when you turn a corner and are short a female interview, you think: my friend. Her album's great, how fortuitous. When you're open to a friend, open to a record, and your life is actually occurring in the cracks where it might have fallen previously, remarkable synchronicities spring into confluence.

So you call, and she's just like that on the phone, and it does no less than restore your faith in the wonder of woman and of people and of new friends, and, of all things, in myspace. Myspace, yourspace is what you make it. I'm making more of it after meeting her, and I'm spreading it around. Behold the exultant wonder of Sophe Lux, and of Gwynneth Haynes, all she seems to be and more, and the centerpiece of an amazing musical group taking Portland by storm with a new theatrical flair that we believe will turn you on in yourspace. Check out the clips on the Listen page after you share our conversation, and buy their great new disc, Waking The Mystics....

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