Certainly one of the more outrageous personalities we've come upon in recent memory crossed our path first as a photographer, and then as a musical artist. Alicia J. Rose of Portland, OR, was the source for the photos we used in our recent conversation with the fast rising Portland act Sophe Lux, fronted by Gwynneth Haynes. Then right after that, she coincidentally turned out to be the shooter for Menomena, reviewed here by Robert Karmin of Portland.

One of our designers said that we had to take a closer look at this person, as she is also a musician of repute. (Ill repute, she might say.) The musical alter ego of photographer Alicia Rose is an avant-garde accordionist and composer known as Miss Murgatroid.

Miss M has made some genre and mindbending solo CDs, but some of her finest work has been with the illustrious Petra Haden, daughter of jazz bass icon Charlie Haden; Petra is notorious for cutting an a cappella version of The Who Sell Out. (She also made a beautiful record with Bill Frisell, was a member of The Decemberists, played on a zillion records, is one of incredibly talented triplet sisters, has an equally talented brother, etc.)

The first duo record with Miss Murgatroid and Petra Haden was Bella Neurox, which met with wide acclaim on many fronts, and the latest from the duo, Hearts and Daggers, is sure to do even more. It is extremely special and multi-purpose music, and needs to be investigated on the Listen page, to see whether you are on the rapidly growing list of people who feel they must have it in their life.

Along with the alluring images and the otherworldly music of Alicia Rose/Miss Murgatroid, we became thrice enamored of her in conversation, as she is a person of great energy, and books a lot of Portland's greatest acts at a club called Doug Fir--she is her own art hub in Portland, and we want you to know all about her. Oh, and don't forget to buy Hearts and Daggers! It will be available soon, cross your fingers.        continue to interview