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interview with the kings
But WAIT--before you check out the interview, please be sure to download the most current free version of Quicktime (for Windows or Mac), to enhance your experience. On some computers, the interview will open and play right away. On others, it will take a few minutes to download. Hang in there, it's worth it!

A short time ago I was corresponding with Tom Wilson of Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, one of our favorite Canadian bands. He said they were headed down our way for a few gigs, so we stitched together a video interview opportunity at our recording studio on Music Row. I'm used to seeing Tom Wilson, Colin Linden, and Stephen Fearing on a big stage when I see them all together, and the space we had to shoot them could barely contain them. Their chemistry is very explosive in a very musical way, and we were lucky to capture that in an intimate setting, in between the conversational bits.

If this interview is your first exposure to B&RK, we refer you (see links below) to our previous interview with them at Joe's Pub in NYC, as well as a Puremusic review of their 2006 CD Let's Frolic, and an interview with Tom Wilson with audio clips from his solo record Dog Years. (Colin and Stephen have both made a string of stellar solo releases that need to be heard, we just can't get to it all...in fact, Stephen's last, Yellowjacket, won the Canadian Juno this year, which we broach in the interview to come.)

I wish all our interviews could be video interviews, because then you get to enjoy the facial expressions of the artists, and best of all, you get to hear them play up close and personal in a way that is precious and almost unavailable. In a glowing example of why video interviews are the best, we bring you Blackie & the Rodeo Kings.

click to watch Part 1 of the interview

then click to watch Part 2 of the interview

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