Puremusic interview with David Mead

The first thing that hits you is how high he sings. Right behind that is how beautifully he sings. His songs are deeply melodic, radically but not dramatically. They are Rufus-esque, Sexsmithian, and beyond, unto themselves, because David Mead's vocal range is beyond the latter, and he's a little more pop and less popera than Rufus. (And believe me, there are few artists we like better than Rufus or Sexsmith, though we are digging the hell outta this artist.)

David Mead put out two pop albums on RCA. This new one, on Nettwerk, is more acoustic oriented (except for the monster ballad "Beauty," where electric guitars appear to great effect) and organic, if you'll pardon the expression. David Henry at True Tone Studios turns in another fantastic disc, he is a quiet wonder, and a superb cellist to boot. (See our review of Brother Henry for the debut with David and his brother Ned.) Many of our favorite and recurring characters appear, and it all comes out in the interview. David will tour widely with various duo partners behind this great record, Indiana, and you should not miss him.

Although we met the man recently, we do not know much about him, and indeed his website reveals little more. By his fruits one shall, apparently, know him. We certainly found them sweet sustenance, and hope that either AAA radio embraces this disc wholesale or that even bigger formats will recognize his excellent cover of "Human Nature" or his own "Beauty" as badly needed singles for melody starved ears. Slowly or quickly we do believe he will rise into view and earshot, and bid those who like to get out in front of a good thing to check out the clips of this fine artist on the Listen page, and buy Indiana, right here.

But let's converse with the man awhile, and get to know him just a little bit. Here is a fine songwriter and one of the best singers we've heard in eons, David Mead.  continue to interview