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Brother Henry

COME ON, PEOPLE (True Tone) • Brother Henry

Sibling-power pop, classic. I got sucked right into the vibe in thirty seconds, and reveled in the whole ride. We love the title of the record--it says a lot, and the opener is fantastic. Ned and David Henry saw you coming, and they got you.

We're way into the Henry brothers, major dudes and major players. They are familiar to some of our readership as a cello/violin studio weapon on many records, with a God-given jump on the rest that has to do with having veritably the same ears and DNA stream, being identical twins. (Yes, and I'm led to believe they speak a language in the tracking room that is known only to them. Can't wait to bring them into our studio…)

They play many other instruments between them, guitars and basses, mandolin and organ, and David does the loops. On top of the musical chops that abound on this beautiful disc, David is a very highly regarded engineer and producer in his True Tone studio and beyond, with credits like Kelly Joe Phelps, Guster, David Mead, Vienna Teng, and Josh Rouse.

Park Ellis from Sixpence None the Richer kicks ass on the drums, we love his sound and feel, crucial to the upbeat swing on the record. His loose hi hat sound on certain cuts is so beautifully played, so well recorded. Ned and David are up there with the best of brothers singers, not the kind that are complementary but the ones that you can't tell apart.

They have matching wedding rings and had a noticeably clean-cut crowd at a recent show at the Basement, which closed with a great cover of "She Blinded Me With Science." But the tracks on these upbeat songs have enough hair on them for the devil in me--I dig the big guitar on 'Wonderful as You," and the tense and many-timbred "Over My Head."

Come on People, get some Brother Henry in your life! The clips are a click away, and you can buy it here. Enthusiastically Recommended. • FG

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