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Anne McCue

ROLL (Messenger) • Anne McCue

One of the greatest sweetheart rockers ever, rippin it the hell up!

I liked it a lot the first time through, second time is twice as good, turn it up a little louder. The chick is fantastically dirty when it comes to playing the guitar, check out her rhythm sound and the solo on "Nobody's Sleeping," she sticks it right up your nose. In person, it's hard to find a more soft-spokenly endearing woman than this alluring Aussie, as you can easily tell in our interview with Anne in Oct. 2002. (See also our review of Anne's Amazing Ordinary Things, another great release.)

Anne co-produced with bassist Dusty Wakeman (a pivotal figure in the whole of the L.A. alt-country story, both as a player and producer) and the record is Fat. Anne shows her mighty chops in very tasteful ways (because she's not a shredder or a flash, but she can really Rock, man!) including her badass acoustic side on "Milkman's Daughter," where she plays guitar and 6 string banjo. On the title track and "Ghandi," on the other hand, Anne's got the top ready to fly right off the jar, she really knows how to work the guitar (and the song) to get that explosive feel without detonation.

There's some impressive slide guitar on Roll as well, which the artist frequently uses to great atmospheric result, though she frickin rocks out on "Ballad of an Outlaw Woman." But if you want to hear her take it all the way out, there's a smokin version of Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun" that's over nine minutes long! (Pass the mushrooms, please.)

Anne's already had many high profile adventures, two Lilith Fair tours with Eden a.k.a, opened tours for Lucinda and shows for Richard Thompson, Heart, and many others. She's a truly moving singer, a great writer, and she can do it solo or fronting a full-on rock band, soloing under the landing lights at the edge of the stage.

Anne McCue's gonna find a place in your rock and roll heart, if she's gotta go in there and carve it out herself with a guitar pick. We believe she's gonna carve a spot for herself in the history of rock and roll while she's at it, too. We dig her really bad. • FG

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