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Antje Duvekot

A Conversation with Antje Duvekot (continued)

PM: So you were recently on that songwriter cruise, right, Cayamo or something?

AD: Yeah. There were some pretty big artists on that, Shawn Colvin and Patty Griffin and John Hiatt.

PM: Come on! Yeah, it was amazing. So do you mind telling us something about that? That had to be a milestone, right?

AD: Yeah, it was. I mean, to be an artist on the cruise with such big names was awesome. And I got to sort of go to a private party with other great artists -- like Shawn Colvin was there, and Patty Griffin, and Kathleen Edwards. And I had a great time talking with them.

PM: Wow, that's really beautiful, a lot of fun. Whose songs surprised you the most, in one way or another, on the cruise?

AD: On the cruise? Whose songs? Oh, gosh, that's a difficult question.

PM: You know where like you think you know somebody's music, and then you hear them play and you go, "Oh, wow, they're either better or way different than I thought."

AD: Yeah, okay, sure. Actually, Kathleen Edwards blew my mind, because I had heard her music recorded and I just thought it was nice. But then when I saw her live I just really got into it because she's such a compelling performer.

PM: Really? It's much more than nice, I agree, yeah.

AD: I mean, the opposite happened with another performer, but I don't think I'm going to go there, because I don't want to slam anyone.


PM: Along a similar line, whose personality surprised you the most in that crowd?

AD: Well, I feel like I've already sort of known most people's personality, because I am a pretty big fan, and I think I was pretty aware of Shawn Colvin's sort of like tough personality and Patty Griffin's allegedly more fragile nature, for instance.

PM: Right. But when you're one of the performers, I thought that, well, you might see a different side of some of the people.

AD: No, not really. I think they all sort of were the way I was expecting they would be. Maybe Kathleen Edwards was a little more approachable than I thought she would be--

PM: She's a strong talker, as I recall.

AD: She was very nice.

PM: Yeah, I remember Kathleen talks like a sailor.

AD: Yeah, yeah. True.


PM: I like that in a female, actually, it's a nice change of pace. So will you tour solo behind this record? Is that the way you're handling it, or do you use a player or two?

AD: Yeah, for the most part. I mean, some of the bigger shows I will have a backup person, but for the day-to-day touring, it's just me, pretty much.

PM: And how many dates are you likely to play this year, would you say?

AD: I've been pretty busy. I mean, I'm going out right now and probably playing 20 days a month.

PM: Wow.

AD: It's definitely pretty intense right now. That's the whole point of trying to tour a lot since the record is new.

PM: Yeah, and if you're out there alone, you just got to stay out there and play. What are you going to do?

AD: Yeah. It's pretty intense.

PM: Well, we think it's great, Antje. We really like this record, and we're really happy to do our part in helping push it out there a little bit. And you're really nice. It's very good to talk to you. I can't wait to see you live somewhere soon.

AD: I hope you do. I hope so. Well, thanks for doing the interview, Frank.

PM: Okay, Antje. Take care of yourself, and good luck with the record and your career.

Antje Duvekot

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