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Josh Rouse & Paz Suay

SHE'S SPANISH, I'M AMERICAN • Josh Rouse and Paz Suay

How does he do it? Always infectious, always groovy, and now he's got a partner like the irresistible Paz Suay. If I didn't like him so much, you'd have to hate the guy.

Hanging out with these two recently in Nashville was a gas; Josh and I did a video interview in this little theater, and I met Paz at soundcheck later, when Jody Spence was shooting some video to go with the interview. Paz was very charming, and I got a lesson in Castilian Spanish. (I didn't know that it's only the c's and z's that get turned into a th sound: the s sounds are still pronounced the same way.)

Anyway, how does he do it? She's Spanish, I'm American is as crucial as it is casual. I'm playing it now all the time! Why, because it's fun to listen to, unlike most things--you know what I mean? I listen to so much music, as many of us do, that some of it just has to be for fun, right? Josh is very good on the nylon string (had to buy one myself, recently--a Godin, it's nice!) and his songcraft is unerring. Daniel Tashian, everybody's favorite secret weapon, inevitably shines where he shows up, here on keyboards, drums, and guitar on three cuts. He also sings like a bird, but here those talents are not, perhaps, required, since it's the hip and romantic blend of Josh and Paz that is the essence, and it's so good.

Josh & Paz

Rouse packed up his Nashville kit some time ago and beat it to Spain; first to the artsy, hippie beach town of Altea (I'm going there, asap, after hearing Paz describe it) and then to Valencia. They're keeping their place there, but are moving to NYC any minute. So look for them to start popping up in the city clubs.

Don't think about it too hard (I don't think they did, and that's a big part of the charm), just buy Spanish, and you'll be glad. Half of it is GarageBand loops and bedroom vocals, mixed impeccably by Jason Lehning and embellished by DT, for Josh's imprint Bedroom Classics, distributed by Nettwerk; we dig that outfit the most.

If you're not on to Josh Rouse, you're cheating yourself. So quit it.  • Frank Goodman

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