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Andrea Zonn

LOVE GOES ON (Compass) • Andrea Zonn

One of the greatest talents in Nashville (or anywhere else), Andrea Zonn has put out a work of rare beauty. She's got so many musical gifts, it's hard to capture them. Till now.

That voice. There are so few of them that vibrate like that. I hear so much experience, so much love and kindness, it's humbling. It's more than that, it's inspiring in ways beyond the musical, in human ways.

A star studded cast of close friends helped turn this disc into a real testament of greatness. The list of singers alone is a who's who: Alison Krauss, Amy Grant, Marcus Hummon, Scat Springs, Vince Gill, Billy Thomas, Jon Randall Stewart, Darrell Scott, Jeff White, forget about it.

One of the most refreshing aspects of the record is that it's a fantastic player and singer featuring the songs of other people. Marcus Hummon contributes a pair, as do Neil Finn, Leslie Satcher and Don Poythress. Other writers include Beth Nielsen Chapman, Karla Bonoff, Chapin Hartford & Harry Stinson, Tom Kimmel & Jenny Yates, Tammy Kidd, Craig Carothers, Tim Finn, and Paul Brady.

Love Goes On is a mighty joyous record, that's the biggest of all the many feelings it brings up in this listener. Andrea's voice is so expressive, it tears me up so softly on tunes like Karla Bonoff's masterful "If He's Ever Near."

Along with those impressive lists of singers and writers, consider this list of Zonn's player compadres for this CD: John Gardner on drums and percussion, Steven Sheehan on acoustic guitars, Tom Britt on electric guitar, John Jarvis on piano, Jerry Douglas on dobro, Alison Brown on banjo, Tim O'Brien and Brent Truitt on mandolin, John Mock on concertina and tin whistle, Mark Prentice, Willie Weeks and Michael Rhodes on electric bass, and Brian Zonn on acoustic bass. The depth of that talent would drown lesser artists.

You've seen and heard Andrea before--she's shared records with too many to mention, and countless gigs with the likes of Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, Lyle Lovett and many other luminaries. It's such a pleasure to hear her heavenly voice out front. A beautiful person, and an incredible artist. Buy this record. • FG

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