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Patti Witten

SYCAMORE TRYST (I-Town) • Patti Witten

Patti Witten's one of the sharpest tools we've run across in the indie toolbox. She's got a genuine and convincing voice, as a writer and a singer.

Sycamore Tryst is a smooth, deep, passionate record with a very consistent timbre and mood, which makes for a good ride. Behind every cohesive singer songwriter record is a great producer, and Rich DePaolo has left a mark on every aspect of the recording. Along with instrumental and vocal arrangements, he recorded, mixed, and produced. He also played electric and baritone guitar, keyboards and some bass, and sang. He's a keeper. Patti's from Ithaca, NY, and they cut the record in nearby Newfield.

Patti's label is aptly dubbed Potent Folk, and I-Town is a collective of 30 or so artists. I see her name around a lot on the Net, she's one of the crop that's working the web. But she's got the musical goods too, the talent and the tunes. She sounds like she's been successful a long time, even though that's just the direction she's going.

Along with a number of songwriting awards and distinctions to her credit, there is an impressive endorsement on the CD jacket from her friend Roseanne Cash. They met at an upper NY state mecca called the Omega Institute, where Roseanne was giving a songwriting workshop. Ms. Cash graciously counts herself among Patti's fans, "delighted and honored to be a permanent member of her audience." Check the artist out for yourself on the Listen page, and buy this lovely record here.

We like it a lot, Patti Witten's a comer. I was very amused by the song called "Nine Days in Texas," about the hoops you have to jump through to get into the New Folk competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival. "Black Butterfly" and the opener "What I Don't Tell You" were my favorite songs on these early passes, but there were a number of front runners. I think the woman's got a deep trunk of good songs. We certainly look forward to hearing more of them.  • FG

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