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Bruce Robison

COUNTRY SUNSHINE (Boar's Nest) • Bruce Robison

Creative, classy Country. The opening song is a lush invitation, "You Can't Get There From Here," co-written with Allison Moorer and co-sung with Bruce's wife Kelly Willis. (I know, some guys have all the luck.) A quick look through the credits assures a good time: Kenny Malone on drums, Mickey Raphael on harmonica. Dan Dugmore on everything with strings, he's a legend, literally. Pete Wasner on piano, great. Dennis Crouch on Bass, Eamon McLaughlin on fiddle arranges clarinets. Ian McLagan plays Hammond, and along with Kelly Willis, Amy Noelle Farris is vocalizing.

Bruce has become a big hit writer of late, after Tim McGraw's huge success with "Angry All the Time," but he's been a great writer for a long time. Check out "What Would Willie Do," that's good stuff.

The excellent 60s cover art of Country Sunshine really does hint at the traditional country values that it upholds and furthers. It's another shining example of the fantastic Country movement that's out there that is not getting on the radio. (And kudos to Tim McGraw for covering that great song of Robison's.) This is Traditional Country here, nothing Alternative about it. It's Austin Country. The impotent powers that be that keep good Country music off the radio are gonna have to answer for that at the Pearly Gates, that's just my opinion.

Bruce Robison and his talented brother Charlie were touring together last I heard, keep an eye out for them. Charlie had some significant indie success with an old NRBQ song, "I Want You Bad."

With all the great real Country records getting released lately, no one has to settle for corporate acts that need banks of pitch correction machines on the road, kid acts or pretty posers. Pick up a little Country Sunshine, with Velve Tone. Give a copy to a friend that's still playing his old records wondering where it all went.

Mighty fine, and strongly recommended.  • FG

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