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Pieta Brown

A Conversation with Pieta Brown

Puremusic: I listened to I Never Told about six times this morning.

Pieta Brown: All right.

PM: It's my new favorite record.

PB: Oh, great.

PM: I mean, it's amazing. I really liked the debut record very much, but I think this is a lot better.

PB: Yeah, I feel good about it.

PM: Let's talk a little about making it. What made you guys do it in Nashville, for instance?

PB: Well, Bo and I had gone down to Nashville a few times, just playing there and stuff like that.

PM: Yeah, I met you down here at the Basement that time.

PB: Uh-huh. I also met some of the people that Bo had worked with before on different projects. And so, when I felt ready to make that little record, I was trying to find an affordable way to do it. Because of Bo's connections, it seemed like an actual possibility. And then I at some point had heard the demos for Lucinda's Essence, which was very different than her record. It's just Lucinda and Bo in a room. I had always loved that sound that's just really super stripped down. And when I asked Bo where he recorded that, he said that he had just recorded it at his friend's house, those demos were recorded in a house, just in a room.

PM: Ahh.

PB: I said I really loved the intimacy of that sound--not a studio, not a big sound, but just the intimacy, I guess, is what I was drawn to.

PM: Right.

PB: So that's the kind of recording situation I was looking for. And Bo--I asked him to co-produce again, so he helped get all of the business side of it together too.

PM: And was he the one who picked my buddies Dave Jacques and Bryan Owings?

PB: Yeah. And I had heard Bryan and Dave. Dave has played on a record of my dad's. And then I'd heard Bryan Owings before too.

PM: Heard him with Buddy [Miller], or--

PB: Yeah. Bryan Owings has a beautiful light.

PM: Oh, yeah. I saw them both this week, and they're just both wonderful people as well as being great players.

PB: That was through Bo. Bo thought that they would work really well for those songs, and he was right.

PM: Yeah, the cat's really got it together. How did you pick Brian Harrison and the Rendering Plant, was that Bo?

PB: Yeah, same thing. It was when I started talking to him about how could I afford to make another record, Brian has--the Rendering Plant is actually in his home--

PM: Right.

PB: --so it was something that seemed like I'd be able to make happen, just considering the logistical side of things.

PM: I know Nashville well enough to figure that you guys made that record for under 10 grand, I'll bet.

PB: Yeah, in that area.

PM: And that's one of the great things about Nashville.

PB: Uh-huh.

PM: You can get these great players and great rooms cheap, because people are in between things and they want to be on your record, and they're friends. Yeah, I love that about this town.  continue

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