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the shadow of Willie Nile


Holy Geez. What a great record This is.

"You gotta be a Buddha in a place like this!" is how the record starts, followed by the snarliest rhythm guitar part on some cranked vintage amp, like Keith Richards' very finest days. And like the very best periods of the Stones' work, this CD is loaded with great songs, it's all about fabulous guitars and classic songs. The rhythm section, what, it's perfect. Brad Albetta on bass and Rich Pagano on drums. They each have recording studios in NYC, both are veteran songwriters and producers in their own right.

I don't mean Stones clones, not by any stretch. Like the best Clash recordings, name the most exciting rock records that come to your mind, some of my favorites were Midnight Oil. Without great songs, they're Nothing. Willie Nile is a deep and vivid songwriter, and his tremendous band will grab you right by your hair. (Or your ears, if you don't have any hair.) The production is so outstanding, simply every aspect of this record is so strong that I cannot Believe that it has not been picked up by a major label.

On top of how great the record sounds, the great songs and vocals of Willie Nile, there have been serious accolades heaped upon it:

Top Ten Record  -Billboard

"...a classic" says U2's Bono.

"On The Road To Calvary (for Jeff Buckley) is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard."  -Lucinda Williams

And the raves go on and on, just check out the artist's website.

There's not a lousy song on the disc, and the playing is exemplary, especially the artist's rhythm guitar and the absolutely inspired lead work of Andy York, who is in John Mellencamp's band. A little bit of guitar heaven here.

Willie said he was headed to Spain to play some gigs, that he was having a ball and enjoying all this. Rave on, brother, thanks for a tremendous record. Check it out here, but buy it at willienile.com.  • FG

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