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Lisa Moscatiello & Rosie Shipley

• Lisa Moscatiello and Rosie Shipley

A remarkable recording by two profoundly talented women of song. Lisa Moscatiello's voice is both so pure and worldly it raised the hair on the back of my head. The deep woody tone of Rosie Shipley's fiddle, so strong and true, hit me right between the eyes, which promptly closed and stayed that way for some time.

Moscatiello's vocals have the unmistakable sound of a huge experience with ballads and traditional music, a lifetime of singing. She tells a story so engagingly, so invisibly, so artfully. I never cease to be amazed by the tone certain singers possess, the sound that comes out when they open their mouths to sing. Lisa has a breathtaking tone that rings like ancient wisdom. Her reading of "Here's a Health to All True Lovers" and "My Father's Servant Boy" in particular are absolutely startling. If they don't bring a tear to your eye, you might have your ducts checked. I hope Dylan gets to hear her sing "Girl From the North Country," for we never have heard it done better.

Rosie Shipley is to the manner born, one might say. At the Shipwhistle site, you'll find information about her musical family's studio in Baltimore, lessons, and more. Her debut album (with pianist Matt Mulqueen), At Home, features her brothers Peter and Trevor on pipes, whistle, flute, and fiddle. Rosie was raised in Baltimore in an Irish music and dance atmosphere, but also in rural Nova Scotia, from whence the legendary Cape Breton style fiddlers come. When not teaching fiddle or on tour with Lisa, she is frequently performing with singer songwriter Gerry O'Beirne or Cherish the Ladies.

Lisa has a number of fine recordings to her credit, her own Second Avenue was judged Album of the Year by the Washington Music Awards, where she has won Artist of the Year several times. She is also known to many for her work with Whirligig, the excellent Celtic-fusion band out of NYC.

Well Kept Secrets is a superior and a special record, you must check it out on the Listen page. We recommend it very highly and bid you buy it, here. • FG

Lisa & Rosie live

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