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Michael Lillie

NEVER HOME TO STAY  •  Michael Lille

I'm a little biased here, this is one of the greatest cats and greatest pickers I've been lucky to know. He's a brilliant guitarist, and his voice rings with a robust purity and tenderness that belies his herculean frame.

One of Nashville's premier bassists, Mark Prentice, co-produced this great folk pop record with the artist in Nashville. Mark's bandmates in Air Parma appear with him and the artist as the core of all the sessions, Vinnie Santoro on drums and the impeccable George Marinelli on guitar. Andrea Zonn drops in for violin and viola on a few cuts, as does her husband John Gardner on percussion. It's great to hear Jerry Douglas on some rippin lap steel along with his well known dobro finesse. The singers on the record are the very best. Kate Wallace, Valerie Carter, Mia Adams, soul doctor Tom Prasada-Rao, Walker Igleheart, Diane French, Dana Cooper, Andrea Zonn, Mark Prentice, and the Reverend Joseph Rice of the Fairfield Four does some great singing and scatting.

Formerly of Nashville and lately of Boulder, Lille does a lot of dates around the country, as himself, backing up other folk artists, or with his group SGGL. We're also anxious to hear more of the trio called The Sherpas, with Tom Kimmel and Tom Prasada-Rao. I heard a lot of that around the campfire, and it's still ringin in my head, hope it never goes away.  

The chemistry between Michael and his many well chosen cowriters is a lesson in itself. The personality of each one is well revealed, and elevated. My favorites are "Can't Crack the Code" with the devilish Dana Cooper, and "Wherever You Walk," the classic song penned with Kate Wallace, currently of Santa Barbara. That's gonna be a big song for somebody.

This is a wholesome, positive record, uplifting. Come check it out on our Listen page.   • FG


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