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Lauren Ellis

FEELS LIKE FAMILY (Slidechik) • Lauren Ellis

A soulful singer and a mighty guitar slinger. Lauren Ellis is fearless, an independent and motivated artist who's really starting to come into her own in terms of recognition. I met her first in Northern CA years ago, she moved on to L.A. and was in many good acts down there. She now resides in Nashville, where's she's becoming a popular figure. That's tough in a town that sends many good musicians right in to the closet to woodshed for a while longer.

Her first CD, Push The River, was a more AC/pop oriented effort, with a host of high profile L.A. session player friends. That's a super record, and we'll include a couple of clips from that on the Listen page along with two from this one. Feels Like Family is more on the roots rocking side (the notes say that Lucinda encouraged her to rock) and points up the R&B, blues and rock chops she's got in spades.

My favorite is the opener, "Dry as a Bone." It puts it all together, the groove, the lyrics, the hot playing and the come back home vocals. On the softer side, give me "End of our Line," the vulnerable side of the slidechik.

The woman's all about guitars. When she's not touring, she's working on guitars, and she's damn good. She's been doing it all her life, and has worked on the guitars of the stars with Bill Asher in L.A., and others.

Lauren has received praise in the press on her records and shows, and has been featured in Guitar One and Women Who Rock magazines. She's also cowriter and performer of music used regularly on CMT. Her own Slidechik Records has seen some European distribution as well as some significant AAA airplay in the States.

We dig her, the chick is happening. Check her out on the Listen page, and buy Feels Like Family or Push the River at the artist's website.  • FG

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