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Kathleen Edwards

FAILER (Zoe/Rounder) • Kathleen Edwards

If this young star in the making doesn't succeed, she'll prove the whole world wrong. A long long line has formed proclaiming her the next big thing.

It's no wonder. She's got great looks, great instincts, great songs. It's just right, right down to her going back to the funky analog studio in Ottawa where she cut her EP to do what would hopefully be The Record, and it is. She sings like a person more than a singer, and that's still my favorite kind of singing, always has been.

Kathleen writes damn good stories for someone so young, pretty amazing. Her delivery is right on the money, so they're believable, completely. She's got a devilish look in her eye.

Her Ottawa crew is wickedly good. Co-producer Dave Draves has crafted with the artist such a clean, uncluttered, ballsy record. Jim Bryson on guitar is essential, so happening. Just where they have the rhythm section in the mixes is inspired, it's groovin, but it's tucked away, man. The songs, the vocals, and the star are out front. That's why this record of great songs is really working, because the listener can really get their ears and their arms around the artist, and she's everything you wanted when you get there, it's so rare.

And on the second pass, everything's better. Now I'm checking her schedule, wondering if I can get up to Philly to catch one of two shows this month at my buddy Richard's place, damn. Now I'm pissed I missed her on Leno, even missed her show at 12th & Porter here in October, oh man.

You can't catch 'em all, it's a fact of life. But I've learned to listen to Allison Green when she says "get it," and I got it, and I Get it. Kathleen Edwards is the next big thing, we believe it. Check it out on the Listen page, and buy it, here. • FG

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