We've been Jeff Black fans for some time, so it was a pleasure to get on the phone with him recently and discuss his early days in Nashville right through to the new release, Tin Lily, on Dualtone. He's somehow cut from a different cloth than a lot of the songwriters in town, a blue collar Kansas City guy whose classic songs have as much to do with Springsteen or Marc Cohn as they do with anyone associated with Country.

But his family has roots in the soil and in Country music, and he got on to the idea and the dream of singing and playing at a very young age. After Jeff made the move to Nashville, he got things rolling pretty early. He landed some cuts, had a major deal with Arista Austin, but the fame and fortune he truly deserves is still out there to be claimed. And he's after it.

He has lately found, no, created a larger audience by getting involved in podcasting. The artist talked with us about all these things and more in his forthcoming way on the phone last week. He is someone to investigate, and we encourage you to play all the clips on the Listen page, and to buy Tin Lily, and the previous B-Sides and Confessions, which we reviewed here.

He'll make a convert of you. The way he sings and writes about the human spirit and redemption, hope and trial, it's the kind of soul nourishment that too little music today aspires to provide. Take a look inside his songs and see if you don't find what we have found.  continue to interview