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The Gypsy Hombres

                          CAFE STRUT   •   The Gypsy Hombres

I love living in Nashville, and it's not because I love rednecks or fried food or Republican blondes with gold earrings and black flats. I dig it because there are so many great musicians and songwriters, and good acts to see almost any night of the week. I often have out-of-town guests, and one of the acts I bring everybody to see is the Gypsy Hombres. It's my version of church, since they play every Sunday brunch at a local brewery called Bosco's. You can see anybody there, from pro sports figures to Chet Atkins, not to mention a bevy of beauties in their Sunday best.

As smokin' a string trio as one can hope to find, the Hombres play a selection of music that draws hard on the "hot jazz" style made popular by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli, or Eddie Lang and Joe Venuti. But the material, originals and covers of far flung classics, encompasses classical, swing, latin, jazz, and gypsy elements. Along with leader Peter Hyrka on violin, they are Justin Thompson on guitar and Charlie Chadwick on string bass. All are acclaimed and sought after sidemen and session cats, but this is their bread and butter gig.

I like the original material best, it's hip and funky while maintaining that legitimate edge of scholarly influences. The Hombres play by the rules, but are totally irreverent in their scorching delivery. They all solo with debauched genius, and incite the crowd to holler "Hombres!" after a climactic finish. Fun is not exactly the middle name of jazz, but this trio always rocks, even covering tunes like the Stones' "Mother's Little Helper." Kick down for Christmas and buy your music lover something truly different. After you sample a clip from the listen page, swing on over to gypsyhombres.com               • FG   

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