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Cosy Sheridan

ANTHYMN • Cosy Sheridan

From the very first jazzy notes, it's obvious you're listening to a veteran musician. From the first lyrics that roll out ("Welcome to the ladies room, it's a special kind of place"), you catch on that you're getting up with a woman of some observation, and a penchant for social commentary. That vibe continues with "Multiply Pierced," but when, in the third song, the thoughtful mood and fretless bass of "Demeter's Daughter" fills the room you're in, the scope of your subjects opens up further. When "Dorothy and Eve" reveals itself as a conversation between the real first lady Eve, Dorothy Gale (Toto's owner) and Judy Garland, you've surrendered preconceived and quickly conceived notions. Your heart begins to open along with your mind to the music, because Cosy's coming for both of them, surely with "Love is Thicker than Water," a touching sister's song.

This is album number five for this highly regarded artist that's been successfully touring the country for a decade. She lives in Moab, UT and tours with her partner T.R. Ritchie, he's another fine songwriter who plays bass and harmonica, along with contributing his own incisive songs of heart and wit to the set. The artist is also well known as a superior guitarist, I first met her when we were both doing showcases for Elixir Strings at Folk Alliance.

Above all, she is singing about what it means to be a woman in our culture, a grown up and independent woman. Sometimes it's in the spirit of "The World Has Taken Care of Me." But more often on this release she'll make her statement in songs like "PMS," or "Barbie," which is a letter she's writing to the doll's maker, Mattel. (From the song's notes: "If you make Barbie into a human woman, proportionately she is 7 feet tall, her legs are five feet long and she has a size three shoe. She is incapable of standing upright.")

Ah, yes. I'm proud to know her, sure like her music, and look forward to our paths crossing again. Annie Gallup and I traipsed around some Kerrville camps this summer with T.R. and Cosy, looking for the happening scene. We finally realized we'd rather do it for ourselves, arrived at our camp, and pulled out our guitars as a small crowd slowly gathered. Check out this excellent artist on our Listen page, and pick up Anthymn. • FG

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