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Jen Cohen

                      FAR ENOUGH AWAY  •  Jen Cohen

A major talent. In a town full of songwriters, Jen stands alone as a gifted interpreter of well chosen songs from a far flung field of writers. My personal favorite is the fabulous Ross Rice song "Gone," but there are many candidates.

Jen's on the road more than most really famous people in Nashville, and is making a name for herself, no telling where this woman may go. She surrounds herself with great players, has a very strong stage presence, and tends to look like the better part of a million bucks, which never hurt the cause. But the greater gift of God is her voice, truly powerful and expressive. I've even seen her astound people in "opera nights" at fine homes around town now and then—she can do it all. Far Enough Away features a lot of groove tunes and ballads alike, and she's a true adept in both arenas.

Mighty fine job here by producer Cliff Goldmacher at his Walk-In Closet Studio and Fireside Studios. He's going places. All the players turn in excellent tracks, but I especially favor the contribution of Rick Plant on guitar. He plays bass with her lately—what can I say, no end to the good players in this town.

If you're a fan of great ladies of song (and if you're not, I guess you're still listening to heavy metal or something), this is a very sharp disc, check it out. Jen Cohen is smart, she's sexy, and she sings her butt off. The woman has got it going on.   
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