Puremusic interview with
The Cash Brothers

by Frank Goodman

The Cash Brothers from Toronto are becoming a slow, quiet, sensation. The press on their 2001 Rounder Records release How Was Tomorrow is universally convinced and convincing, a roundhouse welcome in the States and the UK, which must really be cementing their established popularity at home.

The almost bizarre and much discussed aspect of this fraternal partnership is that it did not occur musically until quite recently, when the artists were in their mid 30s. By this time, each had a handful of records out, solo or with their respective bands of the time.

Andrew and Peter Cash are very savvy pop songwriters, and are looked upon from the alternative country angle (to the point where the very mainstream country Music Row magazine picked them No. 1 in "Class of 2001: The Perimeter's Best Albums" and Amazon.co.uk named How Was Tomorrow "Best Country Album of 2001"). But you tell me what's country about the lyrics of "I Am Waiting":

I am waiting like a farmer for rain
Like a healer for pain
Like a clown for a joke

I am waiting like eyes for sight
Like the weak for might
Like the day for night

I am waiting for the right to speak
I am waiting for the news to leak

I am waiting I am waiting all night for you
Like fire for fuel, like a tongue for a taste

I am waiting in the desert sand I am waiting for your command
I am waiting in the wings, y
eah, I can hear the angel of light sing

I am waiting to walk on through
To be new
With you

The Cash Brothers are a pop band, on the rootsy side. Their classic brothers harmony in both arrangement and execution (including live, pitch perfect on the money) and their excellent and experienced songwriting are the two factors that shot them to the front of a crowded class. They put on a razor sharp and well received show in front of the Jayhawks. I'd never seen a duo use an acoustic rhythm and a crunchy electric guitar under the soft beautiful vocals before, to very impressive effect. They're very smart, likeable guys, and we had a few laughs before soundcheck. We'll all be hearing quite a bit more from The Cash Brothers, no doubt about that. You might like to sample the clips on our Listen page while you look through the interview. Don't forget to check out their website, and pick up a great record.
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