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           BILLY BOB THORNTON   (continued)

He was hella nice to everybody, very gracious and beyond professional. Hanging out in his trailer and talking about the record and his musical life was very comfortable, he looked you in the eye and didn't even come off self-absorbed, good storytellers usually don't. He cracked jokes and told stories on the set between every shot, as far as one could tell.

Every time I looked at a monitor, he looked amazing on tape, that was puzzling. I mean, he's a good looking guy off camera, but on tape he looks perfect, every expression works. Acting, it's like what they say about songwriting in Nashville -- if it was easy, everybody'd do it.

Here's one actor who may well end up with a significant recording career, since he's got the writing chops to back it up. And he's a damn good singer, too. Check out the clips on the Listen page, you can listen while you read the interview. There's a good website on Billy Bob at Lost Highway Records, interesting praise from famous friends, and more info about this fascinating American character.   continue to interview