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Sally Barris

LITTLE VOICE (Roll Tape & Sing) • Sally Barris

The endearing tenderness and vulnerability in her voice is the lure that gets you in the net. But the strength of the songwriting is what keeps you there, especially her strong sense of melody, and the words that flow without effort in that channel. There is greatness here.

I’ve been a Sally Barris fan for some time, and have seen her move through more folk and bluegrass periods through several impressive cuts with major Country artists including Lee Ann Womack. She’s one of the rare singer songwriters in Nashville who may well end up balancing a singer songwriter career with landing major cuts, because those two things don’t always go together that well. Check out "Holding Back Your Love." That’s a hit song. So is "Midnight Ride to Mississippi." They were both co-written with her friend Jessi Alexander, who’s soon to debut on Sony/Columbia. Something big in the wings there, we think.

Very good choice in Colin Linden for a producer. He’s good with lots of different kinds of projects (we thought he did a bangup job on Susan Werner’s New Non-Fiction), as well as being a great artist in his own right. His fantastic Canadian group Blackie and the Rodeo Kings is finally going to get a record released in the States in January 2004, and we hope to interview him on the subject next month. Colin brought in the great Richard Bell on piano, played the electric and slide tracks himself and relied on Nashville ringers for the rest. Sally’s longtime musical cohort Steven Sheehan played some acoustic tracks, as did John Mock. Alison Prestwood plays bass, there’s a humorous understatement. Mark Jordan played piano on the opening track, where John Gardner played drums. The other drum tracks are Bryan Owings. Russ Pahl plays steel throughout, and mandolin on the first cut. Bryan Sutton plays mandolin on a few, and Andrea Zonn tracks the violin. Kami Lyle plays trumpet and sings some backup, along with the artist, Jessi Alexander and John Randall. Bunch of heavies, a who’s who.

Watch for this fine artist, and listen for these tunes. You’re gonna be hearing them. Check out the clips from Little Voice on our Listen page, and buy it at CD Baby.
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