Puremusic interview with Marykate O'Neil

I didn't know she was an artist way back then. She was always with Jill Sobule, so you know, I figured she was with Jill Sobule or something. How lame, right? She turns out to be this incredible songwriter, naturally, and works with a lot of my favorite people and makes great records. Goes to show you. Anyway, that was a long time ago and she's made a lot of great music since then.

Marykate O'Neil made a mark right away with her songs and her live performance with her self-titled 2002 debut. The critics heard it, and said so clearly, and loudly; many quotes can be found at the artist's website. Marykate was coming with Jill to Nashville early in the '90s and since, to work with producers like Brad Jones and Roger Moutenot and the stable of players that each of those bring to the table. After the debut came 1-800 Bankrupt and the EP mkULTRA, both of them bittersweet gems. Her new album, Underground, will be out in February.

If anyone's aware of the next L Word in production, I've got a good theme song and a name for the show, and it's on this record. Check out "Green Street." Not kidding. Highly recommended, like the conversation that follows.


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