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Willy Vlautin

A Conversation with Willy Vlautin (brief detour)

[Because this interview is more focussed on Willy's books and such, not really delving into Richmond Fontaine, let's just pause here for a moment and at least introduce the gentlemen in the band before we get back to the conversation. The gig photos on this page, shot last year at Esquires in the UK, were taken by the mighty Jez Brown. And you can of course find out more about what the band is getting up to by stopping by their myspace or richmondfontaine.com]


Dan Eccles


Sean Oldham


Dave Harding


Paul Brainard

[On our Listen page, you'll find audio clips from their 2007 studio recording Thirteen Cities and a few from earlier Richmond Fontaine albums, plus a couple from Dave Harding's solo project Across the Road, along with clips from the Vlautin/Brainard soundtrack to the book Northline. Now back to the interview...]



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