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James Hunter

A Conversation with James Hunter

Puremusic: Hi James, it's really cool to speak with you. Maybe you remember our first meeting when we did a video interview together in Nashville?

James Hunter: Oh, yeah.

PM: You remember. The little geezer with the shaved head. And you came to our recording studio. Remember that?

JH: Yeah--which one of us had the shaved head? Was it you or me?

PM: I think at the time it was me. You still got a nice head of hair, yourself.

JH: I paid enough for it.

PM: So it's been about a year and a half, I think, since that video interview with you in Music City. And you were the first video interview that we ever did, and it turned out really good. And just like your records, if you might recall, we did it all in one pass in real time.

JH: Oh, did we?

PM: That's right. No messing about whatsoever--one take and off to get something to eat.

JH: Well, I'm a bit older now, Frank, so there might be a couple of false starts here and there.

PM: [laughs] I doubt that, because I'll tell you, on your new record, there were no false starts whatsoever. You know, it's along the lines of People Gonna Talk, but it's even so much more.

JH: It is different, isn't it?

PM: As you said in the EPK, it's more sophisticated. It shows the many sides of, and the tunes are just beautiful tunes.

JH: This is what I've forgotten to mention when people ask what the difference is between them, there's more disparity in moods from one track to the other. Yeah, there's a wider spectrum of moods going on in the thing, isn't there.

PM: Absolutely, because the edgier parts are edgier, and the softer parts are much softer. And I love hearing that side of it, because you got a lot to say on the Sam Cooke side of things. The softer side of James is really a beautiful side.

JH: Wow, thank you very much. That's good. I hoped that would come across, yeah.

PM: Now, that previous CD, People Gonna Talk, turned out to be a Grammy nominee, which was certainly no surprise to us--

JH: All right.

PM: --and launched a brilliant touring career. Can you talk a little about the--

JH: No sleep.

PM: Talk a little, if you would, about the busy life you've been leading since we spoke last.

JH: Well, it's been nonstop touring, really, since we did that. I've got married since, so I've got somebody keeping an eye on me.

PM: Wow. And so do you take her on tour?

JH: I do as much as possible. Until fairly recently she had a very well-paid but very annoying full-time job. We decided between us that she should turn it in--

PM: That's great.

JH: --and maybe start a business or something so she can grab a laptop and come along with me.

PM: That's beautiful. So nice to have the woman on the road, especially when she's got a business head on her and can really help out with the touring.

JH: Yeah. I wouldn't let her count my money, of course.

PM: Well, that's different.


JH: I have to "love, honor, obey," didn't say anything about leaving me wallet with her.


James Hunter


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