puremusic interview with Richard Julian

There are certain singer/songwriters that rise above the crowd for reasons that do not include shameless or expensive self-promotion or the "push" that labels big and small used to be known for, when such things were more fiscally sound. 

At the very small risk of sounding over-flattering, there isn't anything I don't like about Richard Julian's music or stage act. His between song patter makes me laugh if I just think about it a year from the last time I've seen him. I can barely remember what he said, but I remember the way he said it...

It's his songs, though, that confound and inspire me--they're funny and very smart, very hip and usually have a groove that eludes most in the s/s camp. They're jazzy without being jazz, folky certainly without being folk, and pop from a certain angle that's hard to name. Although Mitchell Froom as producer was going for a Mose Allison vibe and essence on this disc, the difference in Julian's ethic and influences rendered that a good but mere blueprint, thankfully. (And Froom, as ever, does a stellar job of presentation and optimization of the artist and not himself, forever to his credit.)

And Richard is in excellent form here, working the words, the melodies and the changes, and the records keep getting better--something, again, to which many in the s/s realm can lay but pale claim. Whether you catch him in NYC or L.A. with a stellar combo supporting or solo in other places around the globe, he will entertain and inspire you.

To be a great singer/songwriter in the age where one's artistic cache is often measured by the number of bullet holes they have survived is no small feat, I assure you. And Richard Julian continues to rise with grace, groove, and wit. We hope you enjoy this conversation with one of our favorites.


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