Among discerning fans of Puremusic, the name of Daniel Tashian may well ring a bell. He's popped up in a number of reviews and interviews of artists through the years: Josh Rouse and Carter Wood, Patty Griffin and others. Whether on drums, keyboards, bass, guitar, ukulele, or for his singular vocal stylings, he's a go-to vibe guy for many in Music City.

So we were glad for the occasion to engage him in some discussion about his career path to date, in particular his second record with a group first called The Bees, and now The Silver Seas. Although not household names outside town, to Nashville insiders their individual talents connote a supergroupish quality. Aside from Tashian (son of Barry and Holly Tashian, themselves distinguished musicians), The Silver Seas is John Deaderick on bass (who's toured the world as keyboardist for the likes of The Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, Patty Griffin and Michael MacDonald), Jason Lehning on keyboards (known primarily as one of the highly sought-after engineers and mastering guys of town, whose dad Kyle is a legendary producer of Randy Travis and many others, but whose musical talents are above and beyond), and the soulful pop-wise David Gehrke on drums. Everybody sings, well.

This CD is really a re-issuing of a The Bees record called High Society, which we reviewed previously. The best news is that it now has some machinery like management, publicity, and a label behind it to propel it into well deserved quarters. Tashian says in our conversation he'd love to see one of the tunes end up the theme of a sitcom, and I can think of no better example than the title song. There are lots of us out there, apparently, who don't think that soft rock is square or flaccid. Beautiful pop songs are actually still what turn many of us on the most, and what ultimately stand the cruel test of time.

And now, we bring you this conversation with one of Nashville's most interesting hipsters and creative musicians, Daniel Tashian of The Silver Seas.

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