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Kiran & Shana

A Conversation with Kiran and Shana (continued)

PM: I knew we'd get to you if we just kept talking about you. Well, what about your background, Kiran? I mean, I knew you were in the Supreme Beings of Leisure.

KS: Uh-huh.

PM: And that group went pretty big, did it not?

KS: Yes, I was doing okay until we imploded.

PM: Yeah, as they do.

KS: Yes.

PM: What was the nature of the implosion there? Was it just like the usual, the most creative guys had a little bit of a--

KS: I think it was more the LSD syndrome. Lead singer disorder.


PM: Yeah, right.

KS: Yeah.

PM: But that went on for how many records? A couple of records?

KS: I was on for the first record, and then I left. And then I think they went on and put out another record. They've only done two.

PM: Right. Did the second one do as well as the one you were--

KS: No, not quite.

PM: Yeah. That's how it goes.

KS: Yeah.

SH: All the magic, I think was with Kiran. [laughs] That's my theory, anyway.

PM: So although I've read the press on it, I'd like to hear from you guys how it was that you hooked up, musically and otherwise, how you ran into each other and started working.

SH: Well, funny enough, he put an ad on Craig's List, and I answered it. It was the only ad I've ever answered. I was just not in a really great space about music, and I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do it anymore. I took a break for a while. And then, as a last ditch effort, I wanted to get outside of my circle and everybody that I knew here in L.A. So I just answered this ad.

PM: Do you remember how the ad may have read?

SH: "Electronica project needs vocalist" or something. It was vague, and didn't say very much.


SH: And the irony was that I had actually just gone to see Supreme Beings of Leisure with my girlfriends, not long before that. And we were all talking, "My God! I need to be in a project like that!" Like, "What am I doing?" And I called him. And he's like, "Oh, yeah, I was in this band Supreme Beings of Leisure."

It was so strange. And it turns out--it's such a small little world here--that we were working next door to each other at the same recording studio for about a year and a half and didn't know it.

PM: And never bumped into each other in the lounge or anything like that?

SH: I remembered seeing them through a cloud of smoke.


SH: But we never really talked. And we know so many of the same people, and we've worked with the same people before. It's just funny that we ended up meeting again.

KS: Yeah, though we'd never really met before.

SH: Yeah, totally.

PM: Wow.

SH: And we grew up--I mean, we lived practically right next to each other, as well.

KS: It's ironic, yeah.

PM: Even in New York, even in L.A., the music business is really a small world.

KS: Oh, it is, yeah.

PM: Yeah, you're only ever two or three people away from whoever it is you need to get to.

KS: It's so true.    continue


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