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Ron Sexsmith

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Ron Sexsmith is busy touring the world again, behind his new record, Time Being. It's no great departure from his usual brand of greatness, and I'm glad. In fact, it's Mitchell Froom back in the Producer spot, an old friend and one of Ron's most illustrious helmsmen.

There's a new label, though, Ironworks Records, owned by Kiefer Sutherland and Jude Cole, himself a fine singer songwriter. They've been good to us, helping us line up a video interview with Ron on a busy show day, and later attempting to round up a video clip from a recent Massey Hall appearance, since, as Ron is a new artist on their label, they'd no video archives from which to draw.

That clip was requested because Ron had laryngitis the afternoon we spoke, and at the show that evening. So I thought it very game and courteous of Ron to go through with the interview, and he was his gracious and quietly magnanimous self. Actually, who ended up helping us with a clip was Doug Arrowsmith of FELTFILMS in Toronto, who’s been working on a film about Ron Sexsmith that we should all be able to enjoy fairly soon; we'll certainly keep you posted on the release of Doug's film, and we're very grateful to him for sending us a musical clip to insert in our conversation.

And now, here's our recent afternoon conversation with Ron Sexsmith, in the Bongo After Hours Theater in Nashville, TN.

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