Puremusic interview with Anjani

I heard recently about an artist produced by Leonard Cohen with a major label release called Blue Alert. I got hooked on the mp3 I found of the title cut; the lyrics definitely seemed to be Cohen's, though the music seemed too jazzy. The email I'd received about it said she was his backup singer; so, one assumes, his partner perhaps, when a photo revealed her exotic good looks. It was all true, as it turned out; and the album, more importantly, was as beautiful as the single.

As all things connected to Leonard Cohen have always seemingly been, it is a project quite unto itself. Any remotely jazzy chanteuse in this decade will get compared to Norah Jones (and, in some circles, Madeleine Peyroux) and here Blue Alert holds its own, especially by virtue of its independence from these artists. Coincidentally, Madeleine cut the song as well, though quite differently.

I thought I was going to find a diva, but I was wrong. Anjani Thomas is a very friendly and engaging person, lovely in every respect. We had a very nice time, and I think the conversation and the clips will certainly lead the discriminating to pick up this first major release from an artist who could well become a fixture in that rarified realm of jazz pop where so few are allowed a spot. She's an accomplished pianist, co-writer and arranger, and a soft supple singer. And she's got presence for days.

The co-producers did a super job of creating the right atmosphere for the world to hear this new voice. Can't wait to see her live. Check Anjani out, she's headed for your CD shelf.        continue to interview