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"You wouldn't notice me, I have a tendency to blend with the music," Teitur sings on his second album, the follow-up to 2003's acclaimed Poetry & Aeroplanes. It's a revealing line. With his wool sweaters and bedhead hair, this 24-year old looks more like an unassuming graduate student than a pop musician. And he doesn't rely on attitude or affectations to get his message across.

His message is one that belongs to rainy days and acoustic guitars. Cups of tea and quiet conversations.  And of course, matters of the heart. That Teitur (pronounced Tie-Tor) is a romantic is apparent from the opening track, "Don't Want You To Wake Up," when he coos, "Stay under the stars / where no one can make us change what we are." But he also knows how difficult it is to keep the stars shining in a relationship, as he details on "You Get Me" and the lilting waltz, "All My Mistakes."

Other notable cuts: "Louis Louis" twists a classic song title into a tribute to Satchmo, while the one cover on the album is a live performance of a moody, string-drenched take on "Great Balls Of Fire." Imagine Jerry Lee Lewis meets Erik Satie.

Teitur may be a bit of wallflower, but his music makes for a fine traveling companion for late night drives and rainy Sunday afternoons. • Bill DeMain

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