a puremusic interview by Frank Goodman

We've covered the multi-talented Joe Pisapia several times over the years, both with his outstanding band Joe, Marc's Brother and his unique and beautiful solo and duo efforts, Daydreams and Watercolor. We can never seem to find enough good things to say about this artist, but we continue to try.

The last four years, Joe has been a member of Guster. They were friends of JMB, and Joe was slowly but surely drawn into their picture, and quickly became a very important part of this great band. (The other two members of JMB, by the way, are Joe's brother Marc Pisapia and "Hags" Haggerty, who for years have been the mighty rhythm section behind another of our favorite artists, Josh Rouse.)

The new Guster record, Ganging Up On the Sun, is clearly one of their best to date, and shows the Joe P. influence in how their infectious and expert tunesmithing has continued to blossom into the rich pop sound so many of us crave. Joe is the "utility" guy (as it's called) in the band, playing whatever the tune requires, from bass to banjo, keys to percussion.

We talk about the band a lot, but above all, for me it's a chance to catch up with one of the most fascinating guys in my acquaintance, and one of my favorite musicians and people anywhere. Cat's a prince.


 The Utility Guy

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