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Issue #88:

[note from the designers] This page mostly features video that was shot in early 2007 at a series of shows put on by Puremusic.com at the Bongo After Hours Theater in Nashville. For issue #88, however, we thought we'd instead offer you a detour and direct you over to the new Guerilla Video index. During our recent hiatus, we had time to comb through the previous 30 or so issues, tracking down any live video that was made in the guerilla style. The PM design department has a special fondness for those rougher video clips, shot solo on a little camcorder by our valiant editor at a variety of venues. Dig the immediacy of these clips. And enjoy the cameraman's occasional shouts and laughter, plus the way that a few times he's acknowledged from the stage by players who notice his enthusiastic response to what they're doing.

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Issue #86:

First of all, we're very sorry we couldn't bring you these Swan Dive videos last month as intended. We are often very far flung (literally around the word) these days, and are sometimes unable to get certain shots in the hoop as a result. (Sometimes the data or the program one needs to accomplish something is on a computer in a different country, for example...)

But--we do now present you with the three songs intended for last month and the rest of that fine show that Swan Dive did for Puremusic.com Presents in 2007. This particular incarnation of Swan Dive are its two principals, Bill DeMain and Molly Felder, joined by the multi-instrumentalist Jim Hoke, who has appeared on most of their records, on various instruments. In this show, he's playing alto flute, chromatic harmonica, and pedal steel.

And now we bring you one of our favorite acts, favorite songwriters and vocalists: Swan Dive.

SWAN DIVE                                                  swandive.org

1. Until

2. Quiet Song

3. Shining Hour

4. Charade

5. Tender Love

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Issue #85:

Those live videos of Swan Dive are coming soon...

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Issue #84:

With great pleasure, we bring you the last four songs from the Jenifer Jackson show in the Puremusic.com Presents series a year ago. Her producer Brad Jones is on the bass. She is very striking in that, without being overtly quirky or strange, she is yet unto herself as a pop writer. Her melodies and how she marries them to rhythms and to lyrics are ever inspiring.

JENIFER JACKSON                          jeniferjackson.com

The Outskirts Of A Giant Town           

The Last Rose Of Summer            

The Kind Of Love He Gives            

Summer's Over

(scroll down if you missed the first three songs that appeared in issue #83)

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Issue #83:

We were so excited to get Jenifer Jackson down from NYC to play our Puremusic.com Presents that the editor used his free Southwest flight to make it happen. It was doubly exciting when she let us know that her producer Brad Jones would join her on bass, and it turned out to be a stellar set for all who were on hand.

A very unique melodist and writer, Jenifer creates timeless tunes that captivated us from the start and never cease to amaze. See and hear for yourself the wonder of this creature who bounces from NYC to Austin. (Well, and then, Italy...)

JENIFER JACKSON                          jeniferjackson.com

Don't Fade

Suddenly Unexpectedly


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Issue #82:

Three more videos for the Xmas issue from the March Puremusic.com Presents show of Luke Doucet, a Canadian gem. Two of these feature his mighty talented and winsome wife Melissa McClelland. (He produced her CD Thumbelina's Last Stand, which is super good, and shame on us for not reviewing it yet.)

The things that Doucet can pull off on the guitar while singing are more than impressive, and we don't have a clue why he's not ten times bigger than he is. But we won't be the least bit surprised when he gets there, and we're happy to be doing our bit. Feel free to do yours and pick up his most recent CD, Broken, before the new one appears, soon. For now, sit back and marvel at this amazing artist.


song #4            song #5            song #6

(If you missed last month's You Are Here, scroll down and enjoy the three songs of Luke's that we featured in #81.)

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Issue #81:

We were very fortunate in our two month run of Monday night shows at the Bongo Theater Upstairs to have been able to include the busy Luke Doucet in one of our last shows. He was joined on a couple of numbers by his enchanting and gifted wife, Melissa McClelland. The pair is frequently on tour in Sarah McLachlan's band.

Doucet is a superlative guitarist and songwriter; he is confounding and mesmerizing as a solo, he covers so much ground. Sometimes Canadianly eccentric in his material, he also brands hooks as indelible as "But you have to heave a heart to have a broken one."

This issue features three of the tunes from his show in March, and we'll bring you three more in the issue to come. For info on his latest CD Broken (and other rogue states) and more about this compelling artist, visit lukedoucet.com


song #1            song #2            song #3

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Issue #80:

Last month we brought you three songs by the amazing Sarah Siskind from one of our Puremusic.com Presents shows this past March at the Bongo After Hours Theater in Nashville. Here are the other three: "Keep Me Alive," "Does Love Know My Name," and "Loving Me Like This." On the final number, the artist is joined by her sister sirens in Old Black Kettle, their dynamite Bluegrass group, Julie Lee and Jody Haynes.

I never tire of watching and listening to these clips of Sarah. There's so much emotion, so much beauty and truth in them. And Lex Price on guitar is priceless; he's always so inside the song, like a heartbeat.

SARAH SISKIND                                 sarahsiskind.com
1. song #4
2. song #5
3. song #6

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Issue #79:

Our video this month is something special. In February and March, we put on shows at the Bongo After Hours Theater in Nashville. We had two or three duos or trios per night, and shot them to three cameras. We are going through a slow editing process of those eight shows. This month we bring you three songs from the Sarah Siskind show in that series, one of our favorites. With Mr. Atmosphere, Lex Price on guitar.

SARAH SISKIND                                 sarahsiskind.com
1. song #1
2. song #2
3. song #3

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Issue #78:

July's additions to You Are Here include a lip-synch video of Swan Dive to the title single from their latest CD, Until (see the album review in this issue). Bill DeMain co-wrote "Until" with Julianna Raye. Swan Dive is Bill DeMain and Molly Felder.

SWAN DIVE                                                  swandive.org
1. Until

One of the Canadian groups I'm most passionate about were in Nashville recently, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. Here are a few guerrilla video clips from their show at 3rd & Lindsley. I also did a video interview with them the day before at Puremusic Studios, soon to appear in these pages and Beyond. (By the way, if you're a member of Facebook, check out B&RK member Tom Wilson's page there. There's a fantastic video from the '90s there with his hit band Junkhouse. Totally cool.)

BLACKIE & THE RODEO KINGS                    rodeokings.com
1. Swinging From The Chains Of Love
2. Silver Dreams
3. Water Or Gasoline

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Issue #77:

This first group of videos is from January of 2007. We had set up some lights and cameras in a little 50 seat theater above a Nashville coffee house called Bongo Java that calls itself the Bongo After Hours Theater, run by Kenny Bernstein.

We'd arranged to do video interviews on two consecutive days with Josh Rouse and Ron Sexsmith, who were both passing through. While we were all set up, I figured I'd call a bunch of friends, and have them come down and video some songs. So a lot of footage from those two days is being slowly edited by our Philly office, in between doing projects for smallworld.tv in China. More footage from these and other artists from those two days will be coming in summer issues. They were shot by Victor Muh and Bill Reeves.


THAD COCKRELL                                   thadcockrell.com
1. Rosalyn
2. Second Option


ELIZABETH FOSTER                              elizabethfoster.net
1. Fairy Tale Story


TOM KIMMEL                                         tomkimmel.com
1. Never Saw Blue Like That


DAWN KINNARD                                   dawnkinnard.com
1. Wait On You


JULIE LEE                                              julielee.org
1. Battlefield


These three David Olney videos are from a series of 8 shows that we hosted in the Bongo After Hours Theater every Monday in February and March, called Puremusic.com Presents. Our production values improved as we went along, but there are stellar performances throughout the series, regardless. They were shot by Jody Spence, James Wallace, and Jennifer Jewell. We will be bringing you lots of great footage from these shows in the issues to come.


DAVID OLNEY                                      davidolney.com
1. Sweet Poison
2. Panama City
3. If My Eyes Were Blind



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